Why choose the Portable Baptistry?

Baptize Now!

Baptism, the essential ordinance that galvanizes the believer's faith, is now accessible to any church with the Portable Baptistry®.

Convenient Baptisms (at last!)

Finally solving the dilemma of where and when you'll have your next baptism service, the Portable Baptistry® is the long-awaited answer for convenient, beautiful baptisms.

Baptize More Regularly

The Portable Baptistry® makes it possible to schedule baptisms at will, making baptism a regular part of your church culture.

Enhances Participation

Unlike 'offsite' baptisms, having baptism in the flow of your own service with the Portable Baptistry® powerfully enhances participation of the whole congregation.

Adds Contemporary Appeal

The Portable Baptistry® adds an appealing, contemporary presence and a touch of elegance to any worship facility.

Versatile for Indoors and Outdoors

Easy to set up indoors or outdoors, upstairs or downstairs, the Portable Baptistry® can be used almost anywhere, and anytime.

Saves Space

When not in use, the Portable Baptistry® conveniently and compactly stores away.

Easy to Transport

Load the Portable Baptistry® in a mini-van or small truck with room to spare.

The 'Anytime, Anywhere Baptistry'™

Not just movable like wheeled 'box' baptistries, the Portable Baptistry® is truly portable.



The Portable Baptistry comes as a complete kit that is ready to set up, fill and enjoy the day it arrives. These essential items are always included with every Baptistry Package.

  • Faucet Adapter
    • for convenient filling from a nearby indoor faucet.
  • Thermal Cover
    • helps maintain warm water temperature.
  • Floating Thermometer
    • for monitoring water temperature.
  • Entry Steps (full-size Portable Bapistry only)
    • for easy entry and exit.
  • Submersible Drain Pump
    • for efficient draining with just a garden hose.

How to Order Baptistry

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